Can I have Carbon Fiber and Chrome Wrap?

Yes! You can have any combination of vinyls on your vehicle. Matte wrap colors look great with the carbon fiber wrap, so does chrome and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber wraps are a great accent for the hood, trunk, spoilers, ground

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What is a vehicle wrap, car wrap or body wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a non permenant solution to creatively change your vehicles exterior and interior appearance while protecting anything underneath. What makes wraps completely unique to paint is that there are numerous colors, patterns, and printed designs that cannot

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Will vinyl wrap damage my vehicle?

A vehicle wrap properly installed with the appropriate precautions taken will NOT damage your car. We take the time and pride to ensure no knifes ever come into contact with the paint and also that the paint is suitable with

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How long is the life expectancy of a vehicle wrap?

We only work with the highest quality wrap materials and each has their own perks. On average a wrap can range from 5-8 years. With proper maintenance and upkeep a wrap can exceed the stated life expectancy.

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What types of cars and vehicles can be wrapped?

All vehicles can be wrapped, and are not limited to automobiles. Boats, planes, ATV’s, RV’s, Fleet Trucks, Tractors, Golf Carts, and much more can all be wrapped!

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How long does a vehicle wrap installation take?

Installation time can vary per vehicle, typically we aim to have a whole vehicle prepped, wrapped, and finalized within 8-10 hours. However, necessary extra precautions and time is taken when needed to ensure a perfect installation for each customer!

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Will my car wrap peel or fade?

With our unique finalization process it is very rare to have any peeling for the life of your wrap. UV rays are the danger to wraps and the average wrap life expectancy is determined by when a fade becomes noticeable.

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How do I care for my vehicle wrap?

We give a complimentary wrap wash and care kit with every full vehicle wrap installation. Minimizing exposure to the sun is the most efficient way to ensure a long lasting wrap life. Don’t let this intimidate you, the vinyl is

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If I get in a collision or a dent in my car can the wrap be matched?

Yes, we work with material big enough to cover the whole panel. If any accident or damage happens, we can replace what has been damaged and have the car looking brand new once again.

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Do you use razor blades on the paint?

No, we use material large enough that gets installed panel by panel so cuts are only in between each panel. We also use other techniques, as well as knifeless tape that will eliminate any knife to come into contact with

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